Charly Pierre

Chef / Co-owner

Charly Pierre has aspired to be a chef for as long as he can remember. Growing up in Cambridge, Massachusetts helped him adapt a broad palette of different cultures and flavors. This was reflected in Chef Charly’s household where his father was a skilled chef who trained and worked for the Marriott Hotel Group and his mother cooked Haitian dishes deeply rooted in the family’s past. As a result of this combination, Charly has long been interested in diving deeper into both these paths.

Before moving to New Orleans in the Fall of 2015, Charly worked at a variety of noteworthy dining establishments in and around Boston such as L’Espalier, The Aquitaine, and Journeyman. Upon arriving in New Orleans, Charly acquired his first job at Sucre in the French Quarter. He left Sucre and went on to work at Angeline and Bayona. He ultimately left those gigs upon deciding to start his own venture with co-founder Minerva Chereches. 

The Fritai stall at the St. Roch Market was an amazing start. They began cooking food influenced by the cultural roots of Charly's Haitian background, while adding some inventive twists to celebrate the local people, ingredients and flavors of New Orleans. Today, Fritai is one of St. Roch Market’s most successful stalls—having held fundraisers for Haiti, as well as garnering a number of accolades including Zagat's 30 under 30, Eater National Young Guns, and numerous television appearances including Charly’s winning Food Network's Chopped. Chef Charly is constantly creating and adding to the colorful picture of New Orleans while focusing on his history and the people of New Orleans who helped him become who he is today.